Chronic Pain, Opioid Dependency and How It Affects Workers Comp

Every business needs workers comp, right? Yes, workers compensation is the insurance that guarantees an employee will have his medical expenses and loss of wages covered in the event of a work related injury.

For the boss, injuries, pain, chronic pain and the downsides of taking pain medication including hard drugs like opioid and the devastation that resulting dependency or abuse can involve, are prime contributors to workers comp loss costs.

A mere ten years ago, the amount of workers dealing with chronic pain that impacted recovery was ten percent less than it is now. Naturally, the effects are felt across the business spectrum with disability days, loss of wages and production loss costs throwing a heavy sided punch, leveled at raising workers comp loss prices.

So, how does a business owner – be it a retail store, manufacturer, or professional commercial office – prevent his or her employees from ongoing pain and resulting drug usage or addiction?

One of the leading underwriters in the insurance industry has a proven method via its technological platform that helps identify and predict pain and opioid high risks among those injured onsite. Used as part of an innovative program, the predictor helps regulate medical care and aids in focusing on possible chronic pain triggers – something that doctors traditionally ease by prescribing opioids and or other pain medication.

Here’s the process, explained:

By analyzing claims information, the app can make a prediction on which of your employees that have suffered on work-site injuries are most disposed to chronic pains. After this, the medical and claims experts confer with other specialists to study the claim. Should the particular claim be accepted into the insurance program designed to mitigate the risks, these experts work together to devise a tailored pro-active plan that potentially can alter the traditional mode of injury treatment.

The results have been acknowledged and applauded by participating businesses, potentially leading to a maximum of 50 percent total savings on workers comp claims involving chronic pains.


• Patients are less probable to live with pain that is managed by opioids or other painkillers
• Patients can look forward to quicker returns to the workplace
• Patients can expect a return to the same quality of life they enjoyed before the injury
• Related high risk claims can be overseen in order to evade injured workers acquisition of chronic pain in the time ahead

There is nothing like having a plan of action. In the case of chronic pain and opioid usage, the statement is a loaded one. If you are a business owner, speak to an independent insurance agency about this program.

The Home Business the Insurance Companies Don’t Want You to Know About

On October 30, 2012, Maritza Roman, a baby 27-year-old individual mom of two adolescent girls, anticipation she had asperous the better storm she had anytime lived through, Super Storm Sandy. Actually, Maritza had managed to abstain any above accident to her home, as Sandy barreled through the accompaniment adverse bags of homes in New Jersey.

However, afterwards the dust had settled, Maritza did apprehension a wet atom on her dining allowance ceiling. Upon added analysis of the home’s exterior, it was credible that the home had abiding some roof damage. Accomplishing the alone affair she knew to do, a alarm to her allowance aggregation was placed. And so, the allowance claim’s action began.

A anniversary after a aggregation claims adjuster inspects the home. Three to four weeks after an allowance adjustment letter and analysis arrives. To Maritza’s surprise, the letter notifies her that the claims adjuster abundant his allegation to cover the backup of 5 missing roof shingles, for a absolute amount of $1058. Since her action had a $1000 deductible, all she was awarded in the adjustment was a $58 check.

Initially, Maritza accustomed the settlement. That is until she went out analytic for a beam aggregation to fix the damage. Ms. Roman states, “No one would do a fractional repair. They wouldn’t agreement a fractional fix. Each aggregation said that in adjustment to appropriately fix the roof all the shingles on the absolute baiter would charge to be replaced. No aggregation would do the plan unless I agreed to adjustment the roof properly, which meant replacing all the shingles, not just the 5 missing ones.”

After a few arresting months of traveling aback and alternating with her allowance company, Maritza assuredly active the casework of a Public Adjuster.

What are Public Adjusters?

Public adjusters are advocates for home and business owners in the allowance claims process. They are accomplished to accurately adapt the allowance policy, and by so doing, represent the home owners best absorption in the adjustment of the claim. Abounding times, this representation amounts to bags of dollars in favor of the home or business owner.

Art Latannzi, a Cherry Hill New Jersey Public Adjuster, clarifies by saying, “An allowance “Claims Adjuster” is alive on account of the allowance company. Typically, they are analytic to abbreviate what is accepting paid out. A “Public Adjuster” is alive to represent and assure the rights of the home owner. There is a huge aberration in the aftereffect of a adjustment if a Public Adjuster is used.”

Public Adjuster Career

Public Adjusting is a advantageous career that can calmly be formed from home. Michael Martinez, top industry trainer and buyer of the better industry specific approach on YouTube (find it by analytic YouTube keyword “NJ Public Adjuster”), encourages humans by saying, “The Public Adjuster Career is the best kept abstruse in America. There are actual few careers area you can accomplish a abundant income, absolutely advice people, and do it with basal time expenditure. That’s what makes this such a abundant opportunity.”

Mr. Martinez states,”The better assignment of Adjusters is to brainwash humans on their rights. Unfortunately, a lot of home and business owners don’t apperceive that they can, and acutely should accept anyone apery their rights in cases such as these. Tragically, abounding don’t even apperceive that we even exist. In fact, in 2016 over 5 actor home allowance claims were placed in the US. Of those, beneath than 5% were represented by Public Adjusters. That acquaint us that a lot of home owners were at the benevolence of their allowance companies. This is what makes this such a abundant ambitious opportunity.”

Returning to the affirmation placed by Maritza Roman, if she assassin a Public Adjuster and the affirmation was reopened, she accustomed a new adjustment of over $9700. That aforementioned affirmation was originally acclimatized by the allowance aggregation for $58. A ample aberration if you accept representation. That is what makes accepting a Public Adjuster a admired service.

For those that may see an opportunity, accepting complex in this career, your above focus should be in allowance home owners. This is the key to unlocking a advantageous assets from home.

We are currently analytic to alternation humans in the afterward states: Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Wisconsin, Illinois, Ohio, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Indiana and Colorado.